Why Choose Apple Exteriors for Your Roofing Project?
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Why Choose Apple Exteriors for Your Roofing Project?

When our founders decided they wanted to start their own roofing company, they knew there would be a lot of competition. As experienced laborers and entrepreneurs working in the Twin Cities area, Khue Le and Yousef Abumayaleh often thought about how they’d separate themselves from other contractors if given the opportunity to start their own home exteriors business one day.

We’re happy to say that opportunity did come along! In 2012, after six years working as a roofing company salesman, Khue accepted a partnership with a local exteriors company in exchange for building and growing their business. Seven years of mutual success later, Khue was ready to branch off and go his own way, and Apple Exteriors was officially formed in 2019. Since then, we’ve completed hundreds of roofing jobs for homeowners and commercial businesses!

We know you have a lot of options for Twin Cities roofing companies, but we also know they’re not all created equal. Here’s what Apple Exteriors brings to the table…

Twin Cities Roofing Experts Who Care

As mentioned, our founders worked for other contractors before starting their own company. We know what to look for in a roofer, and we’ve built a team of incredibly talented, reliable contractors who are passionate about what they do. Choosing us means choosing a crew dedicated to building and repairing roofs for over 15 years

That said, we don’t just rely on our past experience to help us deliver the best roofing services in the metro area. From day one, our team has committed to achieving a stellar reputation and higher credentials through ongoing training and education.

GAF Master Elite Certified

One of the credentials we’re most proud of is our Master Elite certification from GAF, North America’s number-one selling shingle company. Only 2% of roofing contractors in the continent hold this certification, which we renew every year.

This certification requires Apple Exteriors to be:

Properly Insured & Licensed

  • $1M+ liability insurance
  • Worker’s compensation
  • State licensed where required and applicable

Reputable & Trustworthy

  • Good standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • Good credit rating per Experian

Highly Qualified

  • GAF trained and certified
  • High property owner job satisfaction ratings
  • Able to offer the strongest GAF warranties

Choosing a GAF-certified contractor offers more than peace of mind. You’ll enjoy superior protection for your home with the GAF Lifetime Roofing System, plus you’ll have access to enhanced warranties backed by GAF.

Beautiful, High-Quality Roofing Materials

Speaking of GAF, have you checked out their roofing materials online? From 3-tab shingles to designer styles and any color you can imagine, you can’t go wrong choosing a roofing shingle from North America’s largest roofing manufacturer.

Not interested in GAF materials? No big deal! We are willing to work with whatever shingle brand you prefer, and we also specialize in metal and flat roofs. What matters most is that you get a durable, beautiful roof that’s professionally installed to ensure your home is well protected.

On-Site Project Management

Just because our leaders own a roofing company now doesn’t mean they don’t still get their hands dirty! You can expect our principles to be involved in the management of your project to ensure everything goes smoothly, on time, and on budget.

A+ Rating With the BBB

We’ve been told some customers don’t care about Better Business Bureau ratings anymore, but we think it’s pretty awesome that we’ve maintained ours.

Rave Reviews From Previous Customers

Our A+ rating with the BBB is great, but we care much more about the honest testimonials we receive from our customers, and we totally understand why you probably do too. Read our reviews to hear directly from other Twin Cities homeowners about working with us!

Ice Dam Removal Experts

Many Minnesota homeowners will have to deal with ice dams on the roof at some point. An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof, preventing water and melted snow from draining properly. When this happens, removal is necessary to prevent water damage to your home.

But not all ice dam removal methods are very safe for your roof, and we highly recommend referring to an expert rather than trying to tackle this job yourself. Choose Apple Exteriors for the most advanced ice dam removal services. We use the Arctic Steamer, which combines high-temperature water with low pressure and steam to cut through solid ice quickly. This low-pressure, high-steam method is the safest, most efficient way to remove ice dams.

Storm Damage Specialists

Of course, ice dams are just one seasonal challenge for Minnesota homeowners. Throughout the rest of the year, weather in our region can be unpredictable at times. And if you own an older home with a “vintage” roof, one big storm can do a lot of damage.

After your neighborhood is hit by a severe storm, it’s not uncommon for both local and out-of-town contractors to knock door-to-door offering their services. Our team at Apple Exteriors does this too sometimes, but whether we visit your home or not, we encourage you to take the time to vet any contractor that does. In our industry, “storm chasers” are out-of-towners who prey on storm-damaged neighborhoods, quickly perform roofing services, then leave forever.

When you choose Apple Exteriors, you can rest easy knowing our storm damage specialists are here for the long haul. After carefully assessing your storm damage, we’ll give you an honest recommendation for roof repair or replacement, providing you with a thorough explanation and documentation of the damage.

When our work is done, you won’t have to worry about your roof failing. But if, for some reason, any issue popped up, we’d be happy to make it right – we’re not going anywhere.

Insurance Assistance

Dealing with insurance claims for your roof can be confusing, which is why Apple Exteriors is always ready to step in and help you navigate the process. We don’t mind working with your provider to make sure all the boxes are checked. Whatever we can do to ease your stress during a roof replacement, say the word!

Financing Options

Interested in financing for your roofing project? All you have to do is contact our New Brighton office! Get started in only five minutes and receive expert help every step of the way.

Proud Member of Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce

We think it’s important to get involved in our community, and being a member of the Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce is just one way we contribute to ours.

Minority Business Enterprise

Apple Exteriors is proud to be a Minority Business Enterprise, a certification reserved for businesses that are at least 51% minority-owned and controlled.

We’re a Family, and We Serve Families Like Yours

Did we mention we’re a family owned and operated business? Khue, his wife Kelly, and Yousef have worked hard to build a company with a family-oriented culture. Our team is one big family with over 60 years of combined experience. And we’re fully committed to making your home as beautiful as you can imagine.

Thank you for considering Apple Exteriors for your roofing project! Get started with a free quote whenever you’re ready.

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