Khue Le, President

Khue Le


Khue started his career in the restoration industry as a door to door salesman for a local Twin Cities roofing company in 2006. In 2012 Apple Construction offered him a partnership in exchange for building and growing their restoration division. Since Khue has joined the company, Apple has enjoyed steady growth every year and has become very reputable in the industry.

As General Manager, Khue oversees all company operations; sales, marketing, production, project management, estimating and administrative. He’s a “get your hands dirty” type of guy, spending more time in the field working with homeowners, insurance adjusters and sub-contractors rather than sitting at the office.

Khue’s demanding day doesn’t end after work, he is a husband and a father of two, 1 boy and 1 girl, Teddy & Eleanor. Whether it’s summer or winter, he spends as much outdoor time with his kids as possible. If he’s not with his kids, it must be Sunday during football season!!! SKOL Vikings!!!

Allicia Reynolds, General Manager

Allicia Reynolds

General Manager

Allicia started with Apple Construction in July of 2021. She started her career in the construction industry in 1998 with most of her experience coming from the wholesale side of the business, supplying builders and contractors with exterior building products such as roofing, siding and windows. Allicia worked for a few different wholesale building distributors wearing many different hats over the course of her career such as inside sales, credit manager and territory manager until she decided to come to the other side and work for a contractor.

As Operations Manager, Allicia oversees the production department and assists with training and project management with the sales staff. Her main roles are ordering materials and scheduling of crews to complete our projects while maintaining efficiency and costs.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her three children and two grandchildren. Most summer weekends are spent at the cabin on the lake, swimming, tubing, and fishing. The fall and winter months are reserved for bonfires with friends and family, ice fishing and of course watching football, SKOL Vikings!

Kelly Le, Office Manager

Kelly Le

Office Manager

While Kelly wears many hats here at Apple Exteriors, her official job title is Office Manager. She first started here in June 2015. She received her B.S in Financial Economics in 2012 and spent the first couple years out of college working for a large financial institution.

When she joined this company initially, her goal was to assist with some of the office responsibilities that were becoming overwhelming for this growing company. Since then, her role has gradually evolved into her current role.

Analytics and numbers are something that has helped her understand the full context of how things work and has continuously sparked her passion in helping customers understand their projects’ overall process. Her passion towards understanding how things work, how others are affected, and how to create a harmonious process for everyone from our customers to the employees that work at Apple Exteriors runs deep.

While Kelly works very hard in her role here at our family-owned business. She would not have the motivation to succeed without her two kids, Teddy and Eleanor. Being a mom and raising these two is what truly gets her out of bed in the morning and is a constant reminder to live her best life, be present in the moment, and to continue making changes to better herself, her family, and the company that gives other families like hers a safe and beautiful place to call home.

Yousef Abumayaleh, CEO

Yousef Abumayaleh

Chief Executive Officer

Yousef began his career in the restoration industry after seeing multiple friends succeed and enjoy what they were doing. Mostly, he liked the flexibility that it provides in order to spend more time with family.

As a Chief Executive Officer and Entrepreneur, he is hands on with sales, production and the office. He enjoys figuring out solutions to issues that people may face and likes the challenge of doing so. Aside from Apple Construction, Yousef owns and manages a Speedway as well as US Grocery and Tobacco.

Yousef’s most important value is his family. A husband and father of 4, he loves to spend time watching his children grow. When he is not at work, or with his family, he enjoys sport clay shooting with friends, fine cigars and day-trading in the stock market.

Eric Palosaaari, Director of Interior Renovations

Eric Palosaaari

Director of Interior Renovations

Eric, with over three decades of experience, is a seasoned professional in the field of interior renovations, holding the esteemed title of Director. Beyond his professional endeavors, Eric is a man deeply committed to his faith, which serves as a guiding principle in both his personal and professional life.

When he's not immersed in his work, Eric finds solace and joy in spending quality time with his loved ones. He cherishes moments up at the cabin, surrounded by the tranquility of nature, alongside his beloved wife and family. An avid outdoorsman, Eric indulges in his passion for fishing and hunting, finding fulfillment in the simplicity of nature's offerings.

Above all, Eric treasures the bonds he shares with his children and grandchildren, relishing every opportunity to create lasting memories with them. His dedication to both his craft and his loved ones defines him as a man of integrity, faith, and unwavering commitment.

Scott Mauch, Sales

Scott Mauch

Sales Manager

Scott is not only a new member of the Apple Team but is a returning member as well. His role as a previous Project Manager doing sales will allow him to better support, assist, and train the existing and new team he is excited to being to the company. Scott believes that a large determining factor in the success of a company is a direct result of the success of our sales team and our very competent production staff. He can ensure everything is communicated correctly and effectively to allow our customers to have a smooth and hassle-free experience from beginning to completion of our projects.

Scott’s role on the Apple Team is to provide the sales staff with proper tools, knowledge, and to create an atmosphere. After over 18 years in Storm Damage Restoration, he has been able to help families all over the US pick up and put the pieces back together after the damage caused by an unfortunate and catastrophic storm event. His experience in the industry, coupled with his passion for helping others, allows him to lead our team by example. Prior to being introduced to this industry, Scott was involved with real estate, being an agent, mortgages being a loan officer, and owned a company in the trades doing the labor. Scott brings his knowledge that he was able to extrapolate and utilize it day to day to create a simple and streamline process for our homeowners that choose Apple Exteriors.

In his off time, Scott has a daughter that he enjoys the outdoors with. He also likes to dabble with Martial Arts and Fitness Training. His love for grilling and being with friends and family intertwines well with his other hobbies... his puppy Betty especially loves grilling and being around loved ones too.

Alexis (Alex) Lara

Alexis (Alex) Lara


Alex joined our team in 2022. He is not new to the industry and came aboard from a construction background with over 6+ years of experience in the industry. Alex is experienced in the other side of business as well as sales; he has installed hundreds of roofs and built hundreds of homes during his time as a laborer. With his knowledge in roofing systems and carpentry work, he makes sure that you can protect what matters most, your home!

His eagerness and motivation to work with his hands enticed him to dive straight into the construction trades right after high school. Alex graduated from the apprenticeship program in Local 322 where he gained his passion for woodworking, framing, and architecture.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys being with his family, and spending time outdoors all year long; fishing, hunting, and throwing down a mean barbecue!

Ryan Torkelson, Sales

Ryan Torkelson


Ryan graduated from Saint Cloud State University with a bachelors’ degree in Mass Communications in 2012. He has since worked in home construction, specializing in exterior remodeling and new home tile construction. His experience and knowledge of the construction industry has helped Ryan become acclimated to the Apple Construction culture.

As a sales specialist, Ryan works with existing clients, and prospecting new clients for their home needs. From start to finish, Ryan helps homeowners through project progressions to ensure the job is successfully completed and cleaned up.

Ryan was born and raised in Minnesota. When Ryan is not working, he enjoys time with his family on the lake. Ryan is highly active and spends other free time fishing up north, golfing, playing softball, grilling, playing yard games, as well as watching the Vikings, Wild, and the Twins.

Brian Cronk, Sales

Brian Cronk


Brian joined the Apple Construction team in 2022 with many years in sales. Brian has a second job ensuring children get to school and home safely by driving a school bus in his town.

Brian served our Country for four years in the U.S. Navy in the 80’s, Thank you for you service, Brian! Afterwards, he spent much of his adult career in the medical field, both in sales and as a lab technician. His passion in sales stems from his love of all people. He enjoys good conversation and helping our customers create a safe and beautiful home while also educating them on different products and processes.

When he’s not working, Brian spends time with his wife of over 30 years, children and grandchildren. Brian loves his family. He also enjoys all of the outdoor things; hunting, fishing and camping.

Don Myers

Don Myers


Don, originally hailing from Portsmith, VA, was born on the Naval base into a family deeply rooted in service, with his father serving in the Marine Corps. His childhood was marked by travels, beginning with a move to San Diego, CA, at the tender age of four, followed by a stint in Japan for a year, before settling in MN at the age of five.

After graduating from Simley High School, Don embarked on his own journey of service by joining the Air Force.

Over the years, he has accumulated a diverse range of job experiences, from serving as a building engineer to delving into cable installation, inside advertising sales, car sales, and even door-to-door food sales, alongside involvement in MLM training.

In his leisure time, Don enjoys the company of his daughter, Lexy, and his grandson, Jackson. Family holds a special place in Don's heart, he participates in family gatherings, where he partakes in activities like four-wheeling, fishing, and soaking in the beauty of the outdoors.

Beyond his personal pursuits, Don is also involved in serving vulnerable adults, a commitment that stems from his upbringing and his parents' involvement in adult foster care. As a certified caregiver, he dedicates his time and energy to making a positive impact in the lives of those in need, embodying the spirit of compassion and service.

Tom Harrington, Sales

Tom Harrington

Project Manager / Sales

Tom brings over 25 years of successful experience to his Project Manager/Sales role at Apple Construction, with an extensive background in consultative sales, business development, human resources, and most importantly, customer service. Tom thrives on personal interaction, relationship building, and providing honest answers and solutions when customer needs arise. Tom found Apple Construction to be the perfect fit for him, and was so impressed with the company’s commitment toward integrity; excellence in product; production/service; and customer service. Too, the respect and standing they hold, and the awards and certifications they have earned speak for themselves – and put Apple Construction in an elite tier within the industry.

Tom, his wife Cathy, and their two boys Mike and Joe enjoy spending quality time together participating in many outdoor activities, as well as devoting volunteer time at various church and charitable events. A fun-fact about Tom: His brother John was a member of the 1980 Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team.

McDaniel Scales, Field Technician

McDaniel Scales

Field Technician

McDaniel came on board with us in March, 2019. He switched gears in 2020 from being a Project Manager to join our sales team. He didn't start with sales experience but seized the opportunity when there was an opening to expand his skillset. He also carried a broad range of knowledge and experience with him when he transferred to this new role.

McDaniel is naturally a specialty tradesmen himself. He has garnered seventeen years of specialty trades experience including roofing (7), siding (2) and painting (8). McDaniel holds a high standard of workmanship of himself, the people that he works with, and knows the importance of happy customers.

While he works long hours during the warmer months he enjoys having an overall flexible schedule that allows him to still have a personal life. McDaniel is a father to two sons, currently 10 and 15 years old that he loves more than anything. McDaniel is also very active and spends any other free time he has playing sports. He bowls in a league, goes biking, plays golf and basketball, and enjoys riding his super pocket rocket.

Michael Jones, Production Coordinator

Michael (Mike) Jones

Production Coordinator

Michael Jones is one of the youngest members on the Apple Exteriors sales team, both in age and experience.

Though Michael has not been in this field as long as his colleagues he does not lack professionalism and he shows a special care for his clients. Michael’s Job here at Apple Exteriors is to make the process for you to be as easy and simple as picking colors!! Because of his high aspirations to be his own boss someday he believes that customer satisfaction is at the center of every successful business, and to get that, Michael strives to make you feel as this was as simple as 1 2 3. Here at Apple, we go the extra mile repeatedly to make sure that you are very happy with your current project but also want to hire us for any future projects you need down the line!!

Outside of the 9-5 he’s a community man who coaches wrestling for Coon Rapids High School and he’s currently trying to help cultivate the music scene in the Twin Cities. He is available any time you need me so please don’t be afraid to call, text, or email him at: - P: (651) 789-3852

Kacia Thurber

Kacia Thurber

Office Coordinator

Kacia, a dynamic professional, brought her diverse expertise to Apple Exteriors in 2023. While her background initially thrived in the realm of childhood education, she seamlessly transitioned into the corporate world with a notable stint at a leading financial institution. Drawn by a passion for transforming spaces, Kacia decided to explore the world of exteriors at Apple.

Although a newcomer to the exterior domain, her journey has been marked by adaptability and a commitment to excellence. At the core of her professional identity is a dedication to creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.

Beyond the professional arena, Kacia finds joy in diverse interests. Whether immersed in the pages of a good book, experimenting with culinary delights in the kitchen, or cherishing moments with her family, Kacia embraces life with a vibrant spirit.

Kacia's holistic approach to life and work reflects her belief in the power of balance and creativity. As she embarks on this new chapter with Apple Exteriors, her enthusiasm for learning and growing in the field is palpable, promising an exciting and innovative journey ahead

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