Ice Dam Removal

New Brighton Ice Dam Removal Services

  • Choose Apple Construction for the most advanced ice dam removal services.
  • Remove ice dams quickly and safely with our low-pressure, high-steam method.
  • Protect your roofing materials from ice dams, chemicals, and aggressive removal tactics.
  • Work with friendly contractors dedicated to your safety and satisfaction.

The Arctic Steamer: Safer Results & Faster Melting

As Minnesota roofing experts, we’re quite familiar with ice dams. Every winter, Minnesotans deal with leaky roofs and deadly sharp icicles around the edge of their homes due to this pesky winter roofing issue.

You shouldn’t leave ice dams be, but we don’t encourage you to climb on your roof to remove them either. Ice dam removal can be very dangerous and should only be performed by experts. Apple Construction makes ice dam removal as safe and convenient as possible for you and your home by utilizing the most advanced equipment for the job.

Our technicians use the Arctic Steamer, which combines high-temperature water with low pressure and steam to cut through solid ice quickly. You’ll be amazed how quickly we get the job done, and your roof will thank you. Contact us today for fast, friendly service!

  • Ice Dam Removal
  • Ice Dam Removal
  • Ice Dam Removal
  • Ice Dam Removal

Low-Pressure, High-Steam Benefits

Many ice dam removal companies use pressure washers and tools, which can easily damage shingles and roofs in the process. Low-pressure application and safe, effective melting are the main reasons to choose Apple Construction for ice dam removal.

  • No hammers or tools that can damage roofing materials
  • Complete ice removal, no matter the size
  • No chlorine or other chemicals

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