Shingle Roof Color Ideas for Minnesota Homes
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Shingle Roof Color Ideas for Minnesota Homes

It’s time to replace your old shingle roof, but you don’t want to go with just the plain-old asphalt color that was on there before. If you can help it, you want to check out other options since you may have repainted recently and wanted your new shingles to complement the new color.

Or maybe you just want to learn about the pragmatic benefits of different color shingles. Either way, let’s look at some shingle roof color ideas that you can install on your Minnesota home!

Does Shingle Color Matter?

In short, yes.

The roof of your home can make up close to half of your property’s visual exterior. It will be the main thing you, neighbors, and passersby will see.

If you want curbside appeal you can be proud of, the color shingle you choose will play a heavy role.

Geographic Location and Shingle Colors

How light reflects off your roof plays a significant role in your shingle color choice. The sun hits at different angles all across the country.

When you head south, you’re heading close to the equator, so the sun’s angle is more overhead, creating an independent filter of light unique to its region. With this kind of landscape, you may want to choose a shingle that compliments this filter of light while keeping in mind the increased warmth of the sun.

Lighter shingles like gray or white might help reflect some of the heat away from the home.

However, you live in Minnesota, where the sun hits at a vastly different angle. The sun’s effects on this region give us half a year of cold weather. If you want to soak up the sun’s warmth on a clear, bitterly cold day, consider installing darker color shingles like black, brown, or dark blue.

Keep in mind that summers in Minnesota still get quite hot, so if you decide on a dark color, it may soak up unwanted heat for a fraction of the year.

So, for an overview on how shingle color impacts a home, here’s what you need to know.

Lighter-Colored Shingles

Colors like light gray or white reflect the light and can reduce heat inside of a home. These are often a great option for climates with year-round sunshine or higher temperatures, but they aren’t as common in places like Minnesota.

Darker-Colored Shingles:

On the other hand, colors like black, blue, and brown help keep heat inside. They aren’t as reflective, so they get hotter. In turn, they cause the inside of the home to remain warmer. So, they are a good option for colder climates like Minnesota where winter temperatures are a concern.

However, because the summers here get hot, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have a lighter colored roof either.

Consider Your Style of House

What kind of architecture makes up your Minnesota home? Is your home built on a sturdy foundation of bricks with varying hues of red, or do you have luxurious wood siding? Whatever style or era your home is from is important to consider when choosing a color to install.

Let’s say you have that beautiful red brick, darker colors like black and dark gray would complement their cool tone.

On the flip side, let’s say you just installed fiber cement siding with a beige tone. Going with a light brown provides the perfect accent to the soft neutral color!

So, while darker colors are more common in the area, you’ll also want to consider the aesthetics along with the material. To learn more about roofing materials and their benefits, check out this informational page.

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