Popular Marvin Window Styles for Minnesota Homes
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Popular Marvin Window Styles for Minnesota Homes

You’ve finally decided it’s time for new windows. The more time you spend inside, the more you notice your windows just aren’t cutting it anymore. You need your windows to provide you a great view while also allowing maximum natural light and protecting you from the bitter cold of Minnesota winters.

Marvin Windows is a highly recommended brand to withstand the bitter cold while giving you a fresh style and a better view. In addition to having exceptional style and great performance, there are a number of styles to choose from.

Here are the best Marvin window styles for Minnesota Homes!

Awning Windows

Awning windows open up from the bottom and swing upwards. These windows are a great way to give basements natural light and ventilation. With their wide build, awning windows can provide a great depth of privacy when placed high enough.

Additionally, you don’t have to close awning windows during a storm since they open bottoms up!

Bay Windows

If you’re looking for a great view above anything else, choosing a bay or bow window from Marvin is the way to go! Bay windows consist of one large window with narrow ones on each side. This style can give a 3D view, as the narrow windows are installed at an angle.

It may take more maintenance to install a bay window, but the space, natural light, and great views are worth it! This window option is great for someone with a lot of indoor plants or who likes to do indoor gardening.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on the side and they swing from the left to right or vice versa. These windows are usually opened with a crank positioned at the bottom of the window.

Casement windows are great options for your kitchen or bathroom!

Picture Windows

Do you love to watch the world unfold in the morning through your window with a cup of coffee? Picture windows are what you are looking for! Picture windows have a large, fixed-size to provide a maximum view that is perfectly framed.

These windows do not operate as far as open or close. However, they can be paired with casement windows to provide more of a view and some ventilation!

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