4 Exterior Home Renovations That Can Be Completed in Winter

4 Exterior Home Renovations That Can Be Completed in Winter

The cold months are upon us in Minnesota, and the end is far from near. However, improving your home is a year-round project: It doesn’t just stop when there’s snow and ice on the ground.

When it comes to your home’s exterior, there are projects that can still be done during frigid temperatures. You’d be surprised what our crews can handle in the cold months!

Here are four common exterior renovations you can still complete during the winter if necessary.


One of the most overlooked exterior projects you can still do during winter is siding. Most siding products are fit to be installed in cold weather.

One of the challenges to installing siding in the winter is getting the air compressor to start. If the air compressor starts, you’re in business. When it comes to caulking, you will need to find a product that can withstand application at colder temperatures.

Vinyl siding is one of the easiest sidings to install on your house, especially in winter. However, that does not mean it’ll be a cinch to install in cold temperatures.

The cold weather can cause the vinyl siding to become stiff and hard to work with but, for an experienced contractor, installing vinyl siding in the winter should be no problem!


Roofing in the wintertime isn’t ideal, but can certainly be done! One of the first roofing projects you should consider before any other is attic insulation.

Installing insulation in your attic can help prevent heat loss, helping you save money on energy costs! Additionally, adding insulation in your attic can help prevent those pesky and harmful ice dams.

There are a few things to consider before you begin your winter roofing project. The minimum temperature for a winter roofing installation is 40 degrees. Temperatures lower than 40 degrees can cause damage and crack to the shingles during installation, as well as negate the effects of adhesives.

If you’re considering metal roofing for your winter exterior project, you’re in luck! Metal roofs don’t require temperature-dependent adhesives to install and will not crack in frigid temperatures.

It’s important to note that roofing in the wintertime is quite dangerous. If you’re not confident, it’s critical to work with a roofing contractor!


While windows are often better to renovate in the warmer months, they can still be done in the winter. If you’re planning a major remodel of all the windows in your home, it might be best to wait until spring or summer when you won’t have to worry as much about the temperatures getting too cold inside your home.

But, there are times when you need a window replacement to keep out the cold air and winter storms. In these cases, Apple Exteriors can handle any window repair or installation project you need, no matter the time of year.


Gutters are important year round, but they are especially vital during winter. As snow builds up on the roof and then melts, it needs to be able to drain properly. Old or poorly installed gutters can impact the roofing drainage system, and a misplaced downspout can lead to flooding in your house.

So, it’s wise to replace any broken gutters before winter, but if a problem happens once it’s cold, don’t wait to fix it. Another good idea is to have gutter guards installed to keep debris out of gutters.

Contact Apple Exteriors for Your Winter Renovations

No matter the time of year, Apple Exteriors can help you with your exterior projects! If winter storms impact your home, we will get your house back in good condition.

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