Home Exterior Design Trends for 2022
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Home Exterior Design Trends for 2022

A new year is almost upon us, and your know what that means: new trends for everything! When it comes to a home’s exterior, there are new and popular trends homeowners can consider with every turn of the calendar.

Do you desire to be a trendsetter in 2022? Then take a look at this guide for the newest trends in home design for the new year!

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting in your home has been a popular trend for homeowners for many years. However, in the year 2022, it will reach peak importance!

Natural light is not only convenient for your home, but it also benefits our day-to-day biological health as well as proves to be eco-friendly by consuming less electricity!

You can achieve more natural light by installing new windows in your home. Window installation done by an experienced professional will help you achieve more natural light without sacrificing your home’s insulation.

Colorful and Energy Efficient Siding

The year 2022 will prove to be an efficient year to install new siding on your home.

Whether you choose fiber cement, steel, engineered wood, or vinyl siding, the year 2022 will provide you with an expanded variety of colors, styles, and textures that perfectly fit your preferences.

Installing new siding will add to curb appeal as well as fortify your exterior to brave the harsh elements and put more money in your pocket by saving on energy costs!

Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

During the 2020s, we’ve seen an uptick in the emphasis on outdoor entertainment spaces. When the weather’s nice and you have guests coming over, why not entertain them in your backyard?

To achieve the perfect balance and style of your outdoor entertainment area, your decor and furniture should match the style and color of your siding. You can also see your outdoor entertainment area as an extension of your living room and kitchen. In this instance, you can match the flooring or decor of each respected room.

Go Green for Interior

When we say “go green,” we don’t mean the color of your exterior unless you want green! We’re talking about the natural benefits of vegetation and garden life. Having plants not only adds to curb appeal, but it also gives us a sense of peace as well as richer oxygen levels!

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