Homeowner’s Guide to Gutter Guards
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Homeowner’s Guide to Gutter Guards

Your gutters play a significant role in keeping both the interior and exterior of your home from severe water damage over time. However, when was the last time you paid any attention to them? Gutters are one of those facets of the house you never think about until something goes wrong with them.

General maintenance keeps gutters from getting clogged or breaking off their hinges, but there’s another way to protect them further: gutter guards. Let’s find out what gutter guards are and brush up on their benefits!

What Are Gutter Guards & Do You Need Them?

Gutter guards are an extra barrier installed in your gutter system, helping to protect it from accumulating excess debris. These slotted plates fit right on the lip of your gutter system, allowing rainwater to slide off your roofing and through the downspout while keeping solid waste away from it.

Gutter guards are an optional accessory for your gutter system. However, they will play an essential role once you install them You don’t need gutter guards to have a gutter system, but gutter guards have advantages that mean further protection for your home.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

While gutter guards don’t always come included with gutter systems, there are many reasons to consider an upgrade. If you request gutter guard installation from Apple Exteriors, you’ll get four main benefits: debris protection, easier maintenance, pest protection, and mold prevention.

Let’s dive deeper into these advantages.

Debris Protection

As mentioned above, gutter guards prevent debris like leaves, twigs, and branches from falling into your gutter systems. You may already know that a clogged gutter system hinders water flow during a storm. With water stagnating in your gutter systems, your roofing, siding, and even your home's foundation are at risk of serious damage.

Easier Maintenance

Gutter guards also make cleaning your gutters a super simple process. Debris may still fall through the slanted holes from time to time, but the debris will be minimal and can be quickly washed away with a garden hose.

Pest Protection

Another benefit of gutter guards is pest protection. Gutters make for a cozy home for birds, mice, and other pests. When these animals shack up in your gutters, they will quickly clog up your gutter systems with a litany of debris.

Mold Prevention

In addition, organic matter from these animals muddies the water, further promoting mold and algae growth and potentially rotting your roofing and siding. Gutter Guards keep pests out, so you don’t have to worry about another potential clog from opportunistic critters.

What Are the Leading Brands for Gutter Guards?

While you’ll find many different options for gutter guards out there, how do you know you’re getting a quality product? Because there are different kinds of gutter guards and various manufacturers, you want to choose a top brand that’s known for durability.

At Apple Exteriors, we recommended either Leaf Sentry or Leafblaster. Here’s what you need to know about each.

Leaf Sentry

Leaf Sentry creates aluminum gutter guards that are great for heavy rainstorms and precipitation. They also provide 16 different color options, so it’s easy to find the right style to suit your home’s exterior.

Leafblaster Pro

Another excellent option for gutter guards is the Leafblaster Pro. These are stainless steel guards that contain micro-mesh and Z-bend technology. This makes them excellent for catching small debris. Plus, this brand includes a 40-year warranty.

How Are Gutter Guards Installed & How Long Does It Take?

Since there are different types of gutter guards, installation varies depending on the product. With the products we recommend, installation usually involves pre-cutting and measuring the product and then installing it on the already existing gutters.

For example, micro-mesh gutters slide under the shingles and are held by the edge of the outer gutter. This process can be challenging without professionals, but we have years of experience where we’ve streamlined the process.

Gutter installation is a relatively quick process. It usually takes us between 1-3 days, depending on the size of your home.

Contact Apple Exteriors for Gutter Guards Installation

Have more questions about types of gutter guards and how they work? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We can answer these questions and give information about our other home exterior services, too!

If you’re considering installing gutter guards in your Twin Cities home, call Apple Exteriors. Request a quote online or give us a call at 651-362-7753 today!

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