What to Do if You Need Storm Damage Repairs
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What to Do if You Need Storm Damage Repairs

Despite severe weather's beauty and sheer power, it can leave quite a mess in its path. Even though you might love the awe of lightning strikes, the roar of thunder, the dappled taps of rain, and the rustling of the wind, you might find yourself with a bit of exterior damage if a storm is powerful enough.

Your home’s exterior is a whole investment in itself and--once damaged--could be a costly repair or lead to deeper problems down the road. A prompt response to storm damage could significantly affect the amount of money and stress it causes you.

So, let’s look at proper storm damage response!

Conduct a Walkthrough

After a nasty storm blows its way through your Twin Cities neighborhood, getting a quick assessment of the damage is a prudent idea once it’s safe to do so. Even if you don’t think your home has sustained any damage, it’s still important to check out your home for any issues.

Let’s lay out a checklist of what to look for during your walkthrough:


Most storm damage is mainly caused by intense wind. Take a walk around your house and look for any damaged siding, such as cracks, dents, or chips. Additionally, missing siding is a sure sign of further damage. These types of siding damage lead to further moisture and structural damage over time.


While walking around your home, look at the state of the gutters: are they sagging or pulled off their hinges? Are your gutters spitting out sufficient rainwater, or do they seem clogged? Improperly working and clogged gutters are detrimental to the state of your roof since they allow water to pool, damaging your roof and interiors.


You can sometimes spot roof damage on the ground level by looking for loose granules. These granules shed off asphalt shingles over time, but if you spot a hefty amount after a storm, it usually indicates damage. Additionally, if you are able to get on your roof, look for any dented, cracked, chipped, or missing shingles, as well as water pooling. All these are signs of potentially serious roof damage. If you cannot safely go on your roof, find a trusted roofing contractor to do so.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

After conducting a visual inspection of your own, you’ll need to determine your next steps. Of course, it would be ideal if storms never caused any damage, but if you spot any problems or have further concerns about underlying issues, it’s wise to contact your insurance provider immediately, whether you need roofing repairs, siding replacements, or any other services.

Your home insurance provider will talk to you about the specifics of your insurance policy, including what kind of storm damage is covered and what is not.

Before you begin fixing any issues or contacting contractors, it’s good to see what kind of information your insurance needs. They will likely send out an agent, but you can also gather pictures of your home’s damage, weather reports, inspection documents, and more.

Research to Find A Local Contractor

When talking to your insurance provider, it’s wise to ask them for recommendations for local home exterior contractors. You should also do your own research. Look at local companies and get quotes for their work. An experienced contractor will understand how insurance works for storm damage repair, and they will be able to give you a quote.

You should also research various companies and their reputation in the area. Check out their reviews and testimonials. Look at pictures of their work. See how easy they are to communicate with and if you like their process.

Explore Financing Options

You should also talk to local contractors about their financing options. Even if your insurance doesn't cover all of the repairs, many home exterior companies offer financing options to make covering the costs of the damage less stressful.

At Apple Exteriors, we provide fixed monthly payments. Our financing options don’t have a home equity requirement, and it’s easy to apply. Learn more about financing here or by reaching out to one of our team members.

Contact Apple Exteriors for Trusted Storm Damage Repair

After spotting damage, you need a trusted contractor with comprehensive storm damage repair services like Apple Exteriors. We’ll even help you file a claim with your insurance company! With our experience in all types of home exterior repairs and easy financing options, we are ready to assist you after any storm.

Get a free quote online or call us at 651-36-APPLE (651-362-7753) today!

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