5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home Before the End of Summer
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5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home Before the End of Summer

The dog days of summer seem to drag on forever, but they end before you even know it! It might come up so fast that you forget to upgrade a facet of your home’s exterior. Well, you’re in luck! Apple Exteriors compiled a list of five simple exterior upgrades you can take care of before summer's end!

1. Roof Repair

Roof replacement is a large, costly job and should be planned for the beginning of summer or late spring. However, if you’ve noticed some roofing damage from a recent storm or small patches that can easily be fixed, a quick roof repair from a certified contractor will keep your roof looking great and its interior structure healthy!

2. Gutter Guards

Get ahead of the game for next year by installing gutter guards! Gutter guards are a mesh shield that is installed over your gutters. They allow rainwater to flow through but stop leaves, twigs, and other debris from clogging it up. Gutter guards are a simple way to shorten your cleaning and maintenance every year significantly!

3. Upgrade a Window

Have you had a problem window that is a sieve for cold air in the winter? Maybe you have a window in your kitchen or living room that's not as grand as you’d like, or you want a more comprehensive view when cooking or relaxing. Apple Exteriors can help you with the simple yet eye-popping job of upgrading your windows just in time to take in that beautiful fall weather from the comfort of your own home!

4. New Door

Doors are one of the most frequently used parts of your home, so wear and tear is inevitable. An old, worn door will leak air, causing an imbalance of temperature in your home. Additionally, your front or patio door may look outdated if you’ve recently upgraded your exterior colors. Installing a new door in your home only takes around one work day and can be a tremendous home improvement before the cold air sets in!

5. Siding Repair

Siding is almost as important as your roof is for insulation. If you have spotty siding damage that doesn’t warrant replacement, a visit from an exterior contractor will shore up your siding in time for the fall and winter weather!

Call on Apple Exteriors for Your Final Exterior Project This Summer

Do you have an idea of what exterior project you want to finish up this summer? Then contact Apple Exteriors to upgrade your home before winter!

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