6 Signs of Storm Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore
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6 Signs of Storm Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore

Living near New Brighton, Minnesota, you know all too well how fast severe weather can roll in. From gusty thunderstorms and tornadoes to unforgiving hail storms, severe weather can pose a threat to your family and your property.

Usually, the first parts of your house to fall victim to severe weather are your roof and siding. Your gutters may take damage if your roof does as they work in tandem to keep your rainwater from out of your home while windows may also accumulate wear and tear from storms.

Knowing when the exterior of your home succumbs to damage will save you money down the road.

1. Missing Shingles

This is a clear sign that wind from the previous storm has caused damage to your roof. Asphalt shingles protect your roof from moisture finding its way into your home and blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Missing shingles will cause water damage and mold inside your home. The sun will do its part by warping and cracking your roof even further.

2. Loose Granules

The granules on shingles are the main defense from elements. You will find loose bits of a black, sand-like material in your gutters and around your house from your shingles over time.

However, if this happens right after a storm, it poses a red flag which should lead you to inspect your roof for damage.

3. Indented Roof

After a storm comes and goes, it’s always best to check your property for any damage. One of the first things you may notice is depressions or indents on parts of your roof. These depressions can easily allow moisture to seep into your home.

4. Rot in the Siding

If you have engineered wood siding, this is something you should look out for. Rotting siding has plenty of adverse health effects. Now one storm might not affect this siding right away, but many storms over time will do it in.

5. Loose or Missing Siding

Although vinyl siding is affordable and easy to install, it can be susceptible to window or hail damage. If your vinyl siding moves around too much or a couple of strips are missing, it’s best to fix the issue promptly.

6. Dented Siding

This kind of damage usually happens after a hail storm. If you find numerous small or large dents to your siding there is a large chance that water will find its way in causing damage.

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