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Kelly Le

Kelly Le

Kelly is head of Human Resources and handles all the bookkeeping for Apple Exteriors. She received her B.S in Financial Economics in 2012 and spent the first couple years out of college working for a large financial institution. In 2015, Kelly joined Apple Exteriors to help with some of the office responsibilities. Since then, Kelly’s role has gradually evolved into an administrative role.

As head of HR, Kelly oversees compliance, new hire onboarding, payroll and other company administrative responsibilities. She helped to create new policies and procedures to ensure compliance and takes charge when tasks and procedures seem like they need additional attention. Kelly also handles all the bookkeeping for Amana and uses her financial and organizational skills to help maintain a successful business.

While Kelly works very hard in her role here at Amana, she must maintain a flexible work schedule to care for and maintain hers and Khue’s children and household. In between working at Amana and caring for the children and house, Kelly manages to squeeze in time for herself, friends and family every chance she gets.