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McDaniel Scales

McDaniel Scales

McDaniel is a Project Manager who works with our customers and specialty tradesmen to help ensure all our customers are happy from the start to finish of the work being done on their home. McDaniel knows the importance of a happy customers and there to keep our customers up to speed on the difference aspects of their home project, including scheduling the different trades, making sure the right materials are on site, keeping the flow of projects moving, and ensuring everything is fully complete and cleaned up once the job is complete. McDaniel has garnered seventeen years of specialty trades experience including roofing (7), siding (2) and painting (8) experience. McDaniel holds a high standard of workmanship of himself and the people that he works with.

McDaniel puts a lot of time and effort into his work here at Apple Exteriors but when McDaniel isn’t working, he is a father to two sons, currently 10 and 15 years old that he loves more than anything. McDaniel is also very active and spends any other free time he has bowling on a league, biking, golfing and playing basketball.