Why You Should Choose Professional Ice Dam Removal Over DIY
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Why You Should Choose Professional Ice Dam Removal Over DIY

January is usually the coldest month in the Twin Cities area. With the temperature dropping well below freezing many nights, there are specific side effects your home may succumb to over time, one of the biggest culprits being an ice dam on your roof.

Ice dams can potentially lead to costly repairs to your roof and prove to be a fire hazard to you and your family.

Here’s why you should trust a professional to remove your ice dam rather than do it yourself!

What Is an Ice Dam?

Ice dams form as a result of an improperly insulated attic. Warm air rises from your home and leaks into the attic, raising the overall temperature.

With the attic's temperature warmer than the air outside, the snow on your roof will begin to melt. The snowmelt will fall to the roof's edge and into your gutters, where it will freeze again.

This process repeats until the ice dam is too big to ignore.

How to Spot an Ice Dam On Your Roof

Luckily, ice dams are easy to spot. The key to finding an ice dam on your roof is to look for icicles. Small icicles are not an indicator of a problem, but large icicles and huge chunks of ice on the edge of your roof and gutters can mean you have an ice dam problem.

Also, look for large sheets of ice present on the roof at the edges. If you can’t remove them with a snow rake, then you have an ice dam.

How Professionals Perform Safe Ice Dam Removal

The safest way to remove an ice dam is experience. If you have never removed an ice dam before, climbing on top of your roof in the middle of a harsh winter is hazardous and never recommended.

Apple Exteriors are Minnesota roofing experts, meaning ice dams are a second language. Choosing a professional will ensure a safe and pain-free ice dam removal experience.

Top-Notch Ice Dam Removal Equipment

When trying to remove an ice dam from the roof, you will run into a fair amount of trouble. Your removal experience will take a tremendous amount of time and be quite laborious if you don’t have professional equipment.

Not only will it take longer, but you may cause damage to your roof, prompting repair or replacement.

How NOT to Remove an Ice Dam

There are ways you might consider to remove an ice dam, but they’re not safe for your roof. For example, salt or deicers can damage your roof, making it prone to leaks and other problems in the future.

In addition, using an ice chopper or other sharp object can lead to roof damage. Never pressure wash your ice dams, as the high-powered water can ruin your gutters and shingles.

Our Low-Pressure, High-Steam Method

Apple Exteriors uses the state-of-the-art Arctic Steamer. The Arctic Steamer provides high-temperature water with low-pressure steam. Steam at low pressure will not damage your roof, which makes it a safer option for ice dam removal

The high-temperature water cuts away at the thicker parts of the ice dam while the low-pressure steam cleans up the thinner but more spread-out patches of ice on your roof. This method is quick, safe, and damage-free!

Another benefit of the Arctic Steamer is that no one has to be on a ladder, making the job safer. The ice will melt gradually, meaning you won’t have large chunks of ice falling on your ground, posing a potential hazard. This method also does not use any chemicals that can be harmful to your shingles and gutters.

Are Ice Dams Preventable?

Ice dams are certainly preventable with certain steps. One major way to prevent ice dams is to insulate your attic. Better insulation in your attic means the warm air from your home doesn’t rise and escape through your roof.

Another method includes sealing all leaks in your attic. If warm air can escape, then you’re more likely to see an ice dam form. If you need assistance with sealing attic leaks, call Apple Exteriors.

Contact Apple Exteriors for Professional Ice Dam Removal

When you need an ice dam removed from your roof or need other exterior services, call Apple Exteriors. We are certified and licensed exterior contractors, and we’ve been around since 2012.

We are a proud member of the Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce, and we love to help our neighbors with their roofing and siding projects. Get a free quote online or call us at 651-36-APPLE (651-362-7753) today!

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