Why Our Low Pressure/High Steam Method Is the Best Way to Remove Ice Dams
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Why Our Low Pressure/High Steam Method Is the Best Way to Remove Ice Dams

While one or two icicles might look cute hanging off a building, they aren't so cute when they form into a giant ice dam that seems nearly impossible to remove. Ice dams are common in Minnesota and other areas with cold winters with heavy snow. If an attic isn't insulated well enough, the warm temperatures cause snow on the roof to melt. Then, this runoff can form into ice on the eaves.

Ice dams are a risk to both property and personal safety. They can ruin shingles and lead to water damage and mold. And, if they fall off, they could potentially hurt adults, children, or pets. So, if you have an ice dam problem, you'll want to remove it as quickly as possible.

However, removing them on your own isn't always practical, and it could also damage your roof or increase your risk of injury. Instead, let the experts at Apple Exteriors use our steam method to safely get rid of ice dams.

What Is the Steam Method for Ice Dam Removal?

While you might assume the best way to remove ice dams is to knock them off, you could ruin parts of your roof in the process. There's also a high risk you could fall off your own roof. This is why the roofing professionals at Apple Exteriors have safety training and use a steam method called the Arctic Steamer.

This machine is cutting-edge, using high-temperature water at a low pressure. With this combination, steam can get rid of the thickest areas of the ice dam using high temperatures. At the same time, the misting elements catch the wide but thin parts. 

Benefits of the Low Pressure/High Steam Method

Overall, it's safer and more effective to let our professionals remove ice dams using our low-pressure/high-steam method. Here are some specific reasons why:

  • You won't put your own safety at risk by getting onto an icy and snowy rooftop.
  • The steam method melts the ice slowly but efficiently, so it doesn't fall off and damage the roof in the process.
  • Our Arctic Steamer removes the entirety of the ice dam, so you don't have to spend hours of your own time dealing with this issue.
  • This method doesn't use chemicals, hammers, or other heavy tools, so it’s both environmentally friendly and gentle on your property.

Contact Apple Exteriors for Ice Dam Removal

When you notice ice dams forming around your roof, don't hesitate to contact Apple Exteriors for assistance. We can help you both prevent and remove ice dams, so call us at  651-36-APPLE (651-362-7753) to request a quote.

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