6 Reasons to Work With a GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor
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6 Reasons to Work With a GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor

You love your home, but when you step outside and see the state of the exterior, you cringe. Not only are the old shingles an eyesore, but they can also be causing potential damage to unseen parts of your home.

You finally pull the trigger and contact local roofing contractors to find the best match. Some of these contractors proudly plaster “GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor” on their websites and advertisements.

“What is that, and how is it important for roofing contractors?” You may ask yourself. Being a GAF Master Elite contractor is like wearing a badge of honor for quality work and strong service integrity.

Additionally, it lets you know you’ll be getting trusted work, and here are six reasons why.

1. Reputable & Trustworthy

When you see “GAF Master Elite certified contractor,” you can feel confident that the business’s trustworthiness is not just an empty promise. When a roofing contractor wears this badge, it means their team holds a track record of excellence, including good standing with the Better Business Bureau and a good credit rating per Experian.

2. Highly Qualified

Choosing GAF factory-certified roofing contractors also ensures you’re hiring the best in the business, as our team is trained and certified by GAF in the most recent and efficient methods of shingle installation.

3. Properly Insured

When a roofing & siding contractor is GAF Master Elite, one of the main things to know is they bring $1 million+ liability insurance coverage to every project. This can put you at ease, knowing your exterior installation or replacement will be covered if anything goes awry.

4. Workers Compensation

You not only want great work done for your exterior, but you also want to know the business you choose has a sense of morality and is ethical. For a contractor to certify as GAF Master Elite, their employees must have access to workers' compensation.

If one of the workers is injured while working on your roof, you know they will get the treatment they deserve while not having to miss out on income. Having a roofing contractor who respects their employees speaks highly of their business as a whole, and that’s the GAF Master Elite way.

5. Best Materials Used

Being a GAF Master Elite contractor means only the most reliable materials will be used on your home. For instance, GAF Master Elite contractors employ the most trusted shingle brand of the last century in GAF Timberline Shingles for their homes.

6. Exclusive Warranties

Having your new GAF shingles installed by a Master Elite Roofing Contractor offers access to exclusive warranties. Let’s share a brief overview of GAF Master Elite’s warranty plans:

Shingle & Accessory Limited

There are no eligibility requirements for this warranty. You’ll receive lifetime coverage on GAF Master shingles plus a 10-year smart choice protection plan. You’ll also benefit from 25 years of Stainguard Plus Algae protection.

Roofing System Limited Warranty

This warranty requires an installation of GAF shingles and at least three qualifying shingle accessory products. This warranty is similar to Shingle & Accessory, only there is no limited maximum wind speed coverage!

System Plus Limited Warranty

The qualifications are similar to a Roofing System Limited Warranty, except you must have your shingles installed by a GAF Certified or Master Elite Contractor. The Smart Choice Protection period is 50 years instead of ten. Additionally, tear-off coverage is included when necessary!

Silver Pledge Limited Warranty

Silver Pledge Warranty qualifications match System Plus’, only you must install at least four shingle accessories with your roof. This option includes a ten-year workmanship warranty and disposal coverage when necessary.

Golden Pledge Warranty

This warranty requires at least five accessories installed with your roof along with previous requirements. The Golden Pledge gives you the maximum amount of coverage while letting you benefit from a 25-year workmanship warranty (30 years if you choose GAF Timberline Shingles!)

Apple Exteriors: GAF Master Elite Certified

If you’re looking for an exterior service with the trusted GAF Master Elite certification, look no further! Apple Exteriors is proud to be a GAF Master Elite roofer, and we’re ready to tackle all of your exterior needs, including siding, roofing, gutters, and windows.

Schedule your free inspection online or give us a call at 612-362-7753 today!

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