Winter Storm Damage Prep for Your Home’s Exterior
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Winter Storm Damage Prep for Your Home’s Exterior

Living in Minnesota, you know all too well how fast the winter can roll in. What’s even more unsurprising is how long winter can actually last. With the cold season being so bitter and long, taking necessary precautions when it comes to preparing the exterior of your home is a must.

Here’s what you need to know about exterior winter storm damage prep. Follow these steps to prepare your home’s exterior for the winter.

1. Inspect Your Exterior

The first step in any preparation is an inspection! Taking a look around your property and looking closer at the exterior of your home will help catch any damage that might worsen in the event of a winter storm.

Check your home for any missing or damaged shingles or siding. If you spot this, be sure to replace the missing pieces before winter hits!

Additionally, check for loose granules on your roof or around your property as this is a sign your roof might need repair or replacement before the cold weather hits.

2. Trim Low Hanging Branches

The branches around your home provide you a decent amount of shade in the summer and protection from the wind chill in the winter. However, low hanging branches that are close to your home can be a big threat to your home’s exterior. Low hanging branches can accumulate great amounts of snow, causing them to snap under the weight and fall into your house.

Low hanging branches might also snap during a gust of wind turning them into flying debris. So, get those trimmers out and start snipping!

3. Keep an Eye Out for Ice Dams

Ice dams form when snow and ice form layers on the eaves of your roof. This process usually occurs when your attic isn’t well-insulated, which then causes snow on the roof to melt off and re-form into ice.  This build-up of snow and ice creates a dam on top of your roof, which can cause damage to your shingles and leak in the interior of your home. Ice dams are also a safety risk, as they can fall off and onto people or pets who might be passing by below.

If you notice an ice dam start to form, call on a trusted professional for ice dam removal. It’s not safe to remove these on your own as doing so can damage your roof. It’s most effective to use specialized tools for this process, and you also don’t want to put your personal safety at risk.

4. Prevent Pipes From Freezing

In Minnesota, cold snaps can be truly cold. When the weather dips down enough, it could cause your pipes to burst, damaging the interior and exterior of your home.

Some pipes should be okay, as they fall within the home’s insulation, but be sure to insulate your pipes that may be vulnerable to the dropping temperatures. If you have questions about how to prevent pipes from freezing, check out this guide here.

5. Check Your Windows & Doors

If your windows and doors aren’t well-sealed, they will let in a lot of cold air. This can be a significant hazard to you and anyone else in your household during winter storms. And, if your windows are particularly old or unsafe, they could also get damaged in a particularly bad snow or ice storm. The best way to ensure your windows are in good condition is to reach out to a window replacement expert for an inspection.

6. Look Over Your Gutters

Lastly, you’ll want to inspect your gutters and ensure they are in good condition. If you see debris build-up, remove it immediately. Gutters can get clogged with debris which leads to ice dams forming. Then any excess snow and water can’t drain properly. Issues with your gutters can also cause property damage. So, consider having a gutter guard system installed to prevent further problems.

Contact Apple Exteriors for Your Winter Home Prep

Doing an inspection and check up on the exterior of your home before winter is always wise. But, you might not know how to make some minor repairs or changes to protect your home. If you’re in need of exterior maintenance before the winter hits, call on Apple Exteriors. Schedule your free inspection online or give us a call at 651-36-APPLE (651-362-7753) today!

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